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Margarita and I were trained by a wonderfully brilliant woman who generously shared her wisdom with us.  I am thankful for the experiences that she has shared so openly with so many people.  The thing that sticks out in my mind, almost every day, is her insistence that we “show up” in our own lives. As a result of this shared wisdom, I know that I can create boundaries that allow me to invest in my family, and as a result, give my best to my clients without hesitation or regret.

We have said it before, and here I am to say it again: we believe that community is a powerful force, especially in the context of child rearing. Developing a strong and stable community is important for both parents and their children. Our service model will facilitate this community building in the lives of our clients, and will allow us to invest in the community that we have created for ourselves as parents and professionals.  In order to support our clients genuinely, we feel strongly that we have to be present and available for our loved ones.

As doulas, we thrive when we are surrounded by other birth professionals who share our passion for supporting families through knowledge, comfort, and holding space for the many emotions that accompany the birthing process. As mothers, we thrive when we are surrounded by other parents who share and understand our joys and struggles alike. That said, our team is a support system in and of itself. We encourage, challenge, and support each other. As a result, this mindset translates directly to how we serve our clients. We are able to show up, give 100% for our clients because when we are called upon, we are running on a full tank.

I am often asked how I do this job as a mom of young children.  The answer is simple: I have support from other professionals whom I trust completely.

My kids know that I value them, and I live that out.  I have never missed my kids’ birthday parties, school performances, or anything that would give my kids any doubt that they are my priority.  I would never want my clients to feel that they were pulling me away from something, and I would never want my kids to look back and wish that I was around more.  When I am with a client, I am there.  I am focused, I am in each  moment with them.  My clients never have to wonder if I am distracted, or if they are bothering me.  I believe that this is at the core of my ability to do my job well.  I love every minute of it because I have a community that allows me to show up in each aspect of my life, both professionally and personally.

Our promise to our clients is this: You will always be supported by a doula who is 100% present for you.  We promise to care for ourselves so that we can care for our clients.  We promise to live the values in our own lives that we set forth for our clients.