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Virtual Ask The Doulas Event: Group B Strep

by | Oct 24, 2015 | Ask the Doulas, Childbirth, childbirth education, Pregnancy | 0 comments

We are excited to have Grace Lombardo, The Diamond Doula, posting in response to today’s question!

**Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is to be seen as a replacement for medical advice. Please only use this information in conjunction with consulting with your care provider**

The question that we received for today’s post is: “I’ve been diagnosed with GBS in my urine 3 times this pregnancy. Should I be concerned? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? ”

See what Grace has to say, and read a little bit about her below.

Group B Strep is bacteria that all pregnant women are tested for between weeks 35 & 37 in a routine pelvic exam at your regular prenatal visit. Group B Strep or, GBS, is a bacteria that lives in various parts of the body and cycles in and out of being active. In the vast majority of cases it is totally benign and has no effect on our bodies. If the bacteria is active in the vagina in the late stages of pregnancy, the concern is that baby may contract the bacteria as they pass through the vaginal canal. Whereas the bacteria is not harmful to mom, it can be harmful to baby.

If mom is found to be GBS+ at 35-37 weeks, it will be strongly suggested that she have IV antibiotics administered while in labor for 4-8 hours prior to delivery. This will safeguard the baby from contracting the infection.
There are mixed thoughts on if there is anything a mom can to do to avoid a GBS+ result. The best place to start would be to introduce a daily allowance of probiotics during your second trimester through birth. Eating a probiotic heavy yogurt can also aid in lowering the body’s bacteria level. Before starting a probiotic regimen, always consult with your doctor for proper administration and dosing.

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About the author:

Grace Lombardo is the Founder and President of Diamond Doula Care. Diamond Doula Care has been providing birth doula and childbirth education services to the Chicagoland area and northern suburbs for 4 years. Founder and owner Grace Lombardo has been a practicing birth doula for 6+ years and has the great fortune of being a second generation doula as her mother has been a doula for almost 20 years. Diamond Doula Care believes that a well rounded education on birth options is the first step towards a successful birth. We believe that there is a step beyond a healthy mom and a healthy baby; a positive and fulfilling birth experience. It is our goal to stand by your side and empower you to make that a reality.

Her favorite thing about being a doula is the privilege to tell new parents their birth story back to them from her perspective. She is always amazed how many details they have forgotten and the joy on their faces as she tells them how strong and courageous they were throughout the process.