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Virtual Ask The Doulas Event: Is this normal?

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Ask the Doulas, doula, expectations, Pregnancy | 0 comments

We are honored to have birth doula and birth justice advocate, Amy Catania weigh in on a complex question:

“I’m 24 weeks pregnant and getting these slightly painful throbbing pains in what feels like my cervix. Is this normal?”

Dear 24 weeks,

It is entirely possible that what you are describing is very normal. It could very likely be the baby or it could be early “practice” contractions. This would be a great question for your doctor or midwife so that they can ask follow up questions, get a sense of your overall history, and give you an accurate and individualized answer and recommendations based on their knowledge and your specific situation.

As a doula, one thing I would offer a client who asked me this is a few more questions of my own from a non-medical perspective…for instance: how are you handling and getting thought the pain? And what, if any, emotions do you notice in response to the feelings in your cervix? Getting an understanding of what’s happening as “normal” can and does often help resolve emotions that come up, but in the meantime, what do you notice that you do to cope when you are in that place of not knowing?

I want to intentionally draw your attention to how you are getting through this because it is good preparation for being in the “not-knowing” parts of labor, birth and early parenting – when knowing it’s normal might not be all you need to help you through. One of my jobs as a doula is to help you recognize your inner resources for handling not just physical pain but also the unexpected surprises that are a part of life for all new parents. And of course moms always deserve props for reaching out to get more information! So please also see what your provider has to say and take good care,

Amy C.

In addition to being a doula and Birthing From Within mentor, Amy is an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.    She strives to help each expectant parent and family she works with create and protect their own safe-as-possible space. To the expectant parents and families she works with: she offers clear information and skill as she walks beside them as a listener, mentor and advocate.