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Guest Post: Dr Kat Aleman Discusses the Top Five Reasons You Need The Webster Technique

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Community, Pregnancy, Self-Care | 0 comments

Dr. Kat Aleman, of Kindred Chiropractic joins us today to discuss the many uses and benefits of the Webster Technique.

“Dr. Aleman always wanted to make a difference, and to help people. She decided to attend Logan College of Chiropractic receiving her doctorate. She now continues her education through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) seminars, to help educate patients, improve patient care and outcomes, to continue to improve herself as a physician.  The techniques used in the office are varied because each patient is different and may need customized care for their specific situation. Dr. Aleman uses gentle adjusting and low force techniques, in addition to a variety of soft tissue techniques.”

Thank you, Dr Aleman, for sharing this information with us!

The Top 5 Reasons you need Webster Technique during your pregnancy!

Reduced labor times. Whether you’re delivering your first child or you’ve given birth in the past,

Webster Technique reduces labor times on average by 25% for first time moms, and 33% for

moms who’ve already delivered once!

Postpartum pain is relieved in 75% of moms that have received regular chiropractic care. After

you’ve been through the many months of pregnancy, done the delivering, you’re going to want

to get your body back, you’re going to want to recover from any post-delivery aches and pains.

Utilizing chiropractic during your pregnancy will decrease the amount of pain you’ll have after

the birth.

Successfully assists pregnant women with mal-positioned babies 82% of the time! Webster

Technique helps to balance the pelvic structures, musculature, and ligaments to allow for the

most freedom of movement for the growing fetus. Starting chiropractic early in pregnancy will

reduce the likelihood of your baby getting into and staying in mal-positions.

Getting adjusted relaxes the pelvic floor of pregnant women. With the stress of a growing

belly, and adaptations in the body, you want a strong pelvic floor for many reasons. However,

when you’re relaxed, it should be relaxed too, and this ability to relax is so important to allow

the baby to move through the pelvic canal without restraint when the time comes.

To free your nervous system from interference. It’s important for the messages in your nervous

system to move freely- which allows for the muscles and organs to work optimally to send and

receive information. This includes messages like when to contract, how long to contract, how

strong your muscles should be contracting.

How does it work?

Chiropractic adjustments are a treatment that’s provided to balance and improve the musculoskeletal

system and the nervous system.

During pregnancy there are hormone shifts, weight gain, changes in how a woman carries her weight

with the center of gravity shifting forward. These changes accumulate and greatly change how the spine

functions. The hormone shift affects a woman’s joints from the bones, ligaments and muscles making

them become more pliable, where the joints may become displaced or fixated. When these changes

occur, there may be no symptoms at all, or it may result in low back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, pubic

bone pain, and round ligament (low belly) pain.

The Webster Technique was developed specifically with pregnant women in mind, changes are made to

the chiropractic adjusting table to allow for mom’s changing body, and the technique is very gentle. This

technique addresses the joints that have become displaced or fixated, to allow them to move properly,

the muscles and ligaments to be balanced, and for optimal nerve function which coordinates all of it.

Anytime there is a dysfunction- the nervous system sends messages back to the brain, and it comes back

telling the surrounding muscles by the joints to adapt, change, stiffen up, spasm, loosen up. Having a

chiropractor to improve spinal functioning helps the whole body work better.

I use Webster Technique every day in my practice to help improve women’s pregnancy, labor and

outcomes. Pregnant women love getting adjusted, and the benefits are just an added bonus!

Yours in health,

Dr. Kat Aleman