Mother’s Day is fast approaching! I’m a firm believer that we should take time every day to show how much we love our mamas, grandmothers, imas and mommies, but it’s nice to have a special day dedicated to the individuals who love us unconditionally whether they birthed us or not, whether they are related by blood or by family, community and friendship. Here are a few ideas for what you could gift your favorite mother on Mother’s Day plus a bonus gift at the end!

If you’re on a budget or grandma has EVERYTHING already, I know a couple grandmas who love gifts that show the creativity of their kids and grandkids










































Or if your favorite mom loves all things food and gardening:

If you are like me and really just want a couple hours to yourself to relax, I have just the thing for you! Third Coast Birth Services and Hair Party of Roscoe Village want to treat you to a new hair style! 

Join us at our May 26th Prenatal Prep and Support Group at Tribe Healing Arts where we will raffle off a gift certificate for a full cut and style with amazing stylist and co-owner of Hair Party: Dottie Salamone!