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Real Talk Tuesday: Three’s Company, Four’s a Family

by | May 10, 2016 | Childbirth, Community, doula, labor support, parenting, Postpartum, Pregnancy, Real Talk Tuesday | 0 comments

Shawna and I have lived a lifetime of not quite settling for status quo. Neither of us take anything at face value, we are noticers, observers, and when we see a need that resonates with our values, we do everything in our power to fill that need.

It was a long and adventurous road to where we met, with jaunts in the Peace Corps, art school, social work, the fluorescent lit world of non-profit bureaucracy, and paperwork, so. much. paperwork. It has been an eventful, joyous, and challenging ride to create a service that we feel 100% confident in presenting to you, our family.

What exactly is Third Coast Birth?

It is a pregnancy and parenting support agency dedicated to:

1- comprehensive, continuity of care for our clients through pregnancy, childbirth and the early parenting years


2- sustainability and support for the professionals working within the agency 

Ok, but how does it work? I’m so glad you asked, and many of you have.

1- We work as a team. Shawna and Margarita founded the agency, but all 4 of us: Shawna, Lauren, Mayra and Margarita share knowledge and provide mentorship and community so that we may provide individualized, professional, evidence-based, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting support to YOU. Happy service providers = happy clients.

2- When you sign our contract for labor support services you get 3 doulas: Shawna, Lauren and Mayra, at your service, 24/7 from the day you sign and pay your deposit. All 3 doulas are on call for you and your family to make sure you receive 100% unconditional, unbiased support as you bring your new baby into your family. You will never be without a doula, you will always have a doula who knows your history and preferences and is focused on you and your birthing day desires.

3- Through monthly group prenatal sessions, currently held on the 4th Thursday evening of every month, you get to know us and each other, so that you may begin to build your parenting community, your village.

4- If you’d like to take a childbirth class to help prepare you for the big day(s), Shawna teaches our Guide to Childbirth Class which covers a wide range of information including what to expect before, during and after the birth of your baby, how to navigate the policies and procedures of giving birth in a hospital or at home, comfort measures and pain relief options as well as newborn care and breastfeeding basics.

5- If you’d like to learn more about what to expect once that baby is earthside, Margarita teaches our Newborn Care Class as a stand-alone class and facilitates a weekly Parent Support Group which provides a safe space for you to ask the questions that keep you awake at night, even if the baby is sleeping. We talk about everything from what happens to our bodies postpartum, how we navigate changing relationships with other adults, and of course, we can talk about baby poop, breastmilk, soothing methods and really anything you need to talk about. I’ve been there, done that, either as a mother or as a child development specialist…or both!

6- We are partnered with a trusted network of service providers that are easily accessible to our clients, including: acupuncturists, chiropractors, mental health therapists, family photographers and more!