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Featured Client Birth Story: Cathy

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Featured Birth Stories, VBAC | 0 comments

As a community of support, we love to share real life birth stories with you, our Third Coast family.  We hope that these stories will encourage and inspire you! Today we hear from Cathy, Mama of two.  Thank you, Cathy for sharing your story with us!

What would you like to tell first time expectant parents about birth?

It’s great to have a plan but be flexible if needed! Some things in labor and birth are entirely out of your control. You have to accept this as part of the beauty of the process!

 How was your doula most helpful to you and your partner?

Shawna was helpful in multiple ways but the things that come to mind first are:

  1. Physically helpful: I was all over the place; in bed, in the tub, standing up, squatting. It was a lot for my husband to help with for 12 hours. Shawna was able to take some of the physical support over when he needed a break.
  2. Providing affirmations and directions during labor; she knew when to encourage and when to push me to do more.
  3. Listening and providing support when we had to make a decision about getting an epidural and eventually a repeat c-section. Although all of us (myself, my husband and Shawna) knew that this wasn’t the ideal plan, Shawna supported me when I chose to get medication and talked with me through the decision to go ahead with the c-section. I never felt judged by her or condemned that I wasn’t going through with my plan to VBAC without pain medication. She was able to provide feedback at the time and helped asked additional questions to medical staff to clarify what my options were. Even though I had a c-section, Shawna presence was invaluable!

What was the most unexpected part about your birth?

The length and intensity! My first child was a long labor and I was hoping for a shorter one this time 🙂 I was also further in the labor process when I came into the hospital then with my first son so I had an expectation that it would be faster when I was admitted.

What was the most empowering part about your birth?

I think the most empowering part was feeling like I had done everything I could to have a successful VBAC so when we had to make the decision to go forward with the C-section, I felt confident. It made my surgery easier to handle and made the delivery feel more like a “birth experience” then with my first.