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Questions to Ask A Doula

by | Mar 3, 2017 | doula, expectations, labor support, Pregnancy | 0 comments

Thinking about hiring a labor or postpartum doula?

Here’s are 15 questions to consider asking a doula at an interview:

1) Why and how did you become a doula?

2) With which organization did you complete doula training? Why did you pick that organization?

3) How will you work with my healthcare provider and the hospital staff?

4) What kind of support will you provide me during my pregnancy, labor, and/or postpartum period?

5) Do you have a birth or parenting philosophy?

6) How will you work with my partner?

7) How many clients do you take on per month?

8) What happens if you have a conflict when I am in labor or have a postpartum shift scheduled? Do you have a back up or partner? Will I meet them?

9) When does your support typically begin? (For labor, when do you join me in labor? For postpartum, when do you typically do the first shift?)

10) How do you feel about ________? (Something that may be very important to your birth or parenting experience).

11) How are you different from other doulas?

12) How can you help me to have a more comfortable birth or parenting experience?

13) How will you help me and my partner with feeding our baby?

14) Do you carry liability insurance?

15) When do you go on call?