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The Best Books for Big Brothers and Sisters | Kids’ Reading List

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One of the most common concerns our clients have when having a subsequent child is how their older child will react. Easing the transition to sibling-hood is all about preparing your child in a developmentally appropriate way and engaging them in the pregnancy as much as they are interested in.

The good news: the experts have already done a lot of the work for you. Adapting to a new sibling can be one of the most stressful events in a child’s life. We’ve put together a list of a few books that might help you through the journey.


1. On the Night You Were Born, by Nancy Tillman: It’s not quite for siblings, but it’s one of our favorites. This beautifully woven tale will invite your little one into the magic of new life.

2. You were the First, by Patricia MacLaughlin: One of the best reminders for siblings in regards to the new baby is that they were doted on too! Kids love to be reminded about their own babyhood!

3. Waiting for Baby, by Rachel Fuller: This short book is great for a young toddler and showcases illustrations of babies breastfeeding and being worn in a baby carrier.

4. Hello Baby, by Jenni Overend: For those families planning to have their child at the birth of the new baby, this book offers a tasteful account of a labor & birth at home.

5. What Makes a Baby, by Corey Silverburg: Not only is this book anatomically and physiologically accurate, but it portrays the story of conception, pregnancy, and birth without adhering to sexual orientation, gender, or other family composition assumptions.

6. It’s so Amazing! by Robie Harris: If you’ve got an older kid (age 7 or up) asking a lot of questions about how this whole pregnancy thing happened, this book is perfect for them.

7. What Baby Needs, by William & Martha Sears: It can be tough for kids to understand all the attention that babies require. This pick will help to prepare your little ones for exactly what the road ahead brings.

The postpartum and infant care doulas at Chicago Birth & Baby are experts in your family’s adjustment to a new baby and can support siblings and parents alike.