Our admin team is on winter break from December 23, 2021 through January 3, 2022. We are available for current clients, but non-urgent matters and service inquiries will have a delayed response time. If you'd like to inquire about classes, labor support, or postpartum support, please fill out our contact form and Cait or Shawna will be in touch the first week of January. Take good care and we'll see you in the new year!

Birth Support

Third Coast Birth + Baby wants to support your birth, in whatever way that means for you. We offer:

Shawna teaching Childbirth Class

Childbirth Classes

Group or private classes, in person or virtual, that cover everything from comfort measures to newborn basics, the science of childbirth to crash courses for partners.

birth partner

Birth Doulas

Maybe you want to have fewer hospital interventions during labor and delivery. Or maybe you want someone to translate medical jargon into understandable terms. Maybe you want your partner present, but know you’ll need more hands-on support and attention than one person can provide. Or maybe you want the calm energy and empowering wisdom of someone who’s watched dozens of babies make their debut into the world—and is committed to being by your side during the entirety of your baby’s birth. A birth doula can provide all of those things, and so much more.

birth doulas

Our Unique Team Model

The last thing you need when you’re in labor is added worry about your care team. What if your doula is sick or out of town? What if she’s just finishing up another birth and hasn’t slept in days? What if two of her clients are in labor at exactly the same time?

At Third Coast Birth + Baby, we’ve put those fears to rest—for good. Instead of pairing parents with individual doulas (and assigning “back-ups” that they might never meet in person), we’ve created a unique team model. You’ll be paired with a trio of doulas, who are comfortable and experienced working together, who are well-versed in sharing information and brainstorming solutions, and who can step in seamlessly whatever time of day or night you need support.

That means we’re able to guarantee your doula will arrive rested and ready to support you, and she’ll be fully present for the journey ahead. Because this is a big moment ahead of you, and we’re here to make it easier.